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With almost 1,000,000 residents, Gwinnett County is the second most populated county in Georgia and the largest county by land mass. Gwinnett County is located in north central metro-Atlanta and was recently split among three congressional districts, GA-06, GA-07 and GA-09, with only the small Northwest corner of the county, the Sugar Hill area, being part of GA-06.


According to the 2020 census, approximately 23,994 Georgians live in the rapidly growing Sugar Hill area of Gwinnett County which is also well known for its excellent public school district. Sugar Hill has recently added a downtown center with multiple restaurants, a theater, and an outdoor amphitheater called "The Bowl"  for concerts, outdoor movie screenings, and other social gatherings.  

Sugar Hill.jpg

Gwinnett County

Only Gwinnett City in GA-06 is Sugar Hill, GA
approximately 23,994 residents in Sugar Hill

Each county in Georgia has a unique story to tell. As a candidate running for US Congress, I want to celebrate the diversity GA-06 and help bring Georgians together to learn something new about each other and parts of our state you might not have ever been to or maybe even heard of. The goal is to make us all feel a bit more connected to each other, and consider that we have more in common with each other than we realize. 

Running in Park
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