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I am proud to be defending, trying to hold onto, a Democratic open seat in the Georgia House of Representatives. Yes, you read that right. District 100 is currently held by Democratic State Rep. Dewey McClain who has been serving in the Georgia State House since he was elected in November 2012. After Republicans redrew the maps, he is now running in District 109. I sincerely appreciate his years of service to the state of Georgia and wish him much success to win in District 109. Please follow him at


I am determined to do my very best to hold this newly drawn seat and keep it a Democratic seat in Georgia's State House. But to do that, I need your support and your vote this November 8th. 

GA District 100 Before and After Republican Redistricting

What towns are now in Georgia State House District 100?

As of the mid-term elections in 2022, Georgia State House District 100 now includes:

1. The Northwest corner of Gwinnett County including parts of Suwanee, Buford, and Sugar Hill.

2. The Southeast part of Forsyth County including parts of Cumming.

3. The Southern part of Hall County including part of Flowery Branch

4. The related unincorporated areas within the district lines

I will be posting more information soon to share where District 100 is and the lines between this district and the next. I will identify some of the main population areas, subdivisions, dividing roads, and landmarks that can help you determine if you're in District 100 or a neighboring district. 

No matter what district you are in, I encourage every eligible US citizen, 18 years old (as of Nov 8th) and up, to please register to vote and show up to vote Democratic in these elections. Remember, you don't have to be a Democrat to vote Democratic and every vote matters. 

Georgia State House District 100.jpg

The Three US Congressional Candidates Representing Portions of Gwinnett County

My District 100 overlaps with small parts of both Bob Christian's and Mike Ford's Congressional Districts

1 Lucy McBath for GCDP.jpg
1 Mike Ford Description for GCDP.jpg
Gwinnett County Georgia.jpg

The 2022 Election: Looking "Up the Ballot" 
All 14 US Congressional Races in Georgia 2022

Leave it to Republicans to use redistricting to tilt the playing field in their favor because they know they cannot win on the issues. In 2020, Republicans in the Georgia State House redrew all the Congressional maps to dilute the voting power of our increasingly democratic suburbs of metro-Atlanta. This shakeup of the map has left many Georgians confused about what district they are in and who is the candidate running in their district. To help inform voters across Georgia here is a guide to all 14 US Congressional candidates and links to their websites.

Please share with your family, friends, and neighbors across the state.


GA-01  Democrat Wade Herring vs Incumbent Republican Rep Earl Carter


GA-02 Incumbent Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr vs Republican Chris West


GA-03  Democrat Val Almonord vs Incumbent Republican Rep. Drew Ferguson


GA-04  Incumbent Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson vs Republican Jonathan Chavez


GA-05 Incumbent Democratic Rep Nikema Williams vs Republican Christian Zimm


GA-06  Democrat Bob Christian vs Republican Rich McCormick


GA-07  Democrat Rep. Lucy McBath vs Republican Mark Gonsalves


GA-08  Democrat Darrius Butler vs Incumbent Republican Rep. Austin Scott


GA-09  Democrat Mike Ford vs Incumbent Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde


GA-10  Democrat Tabitha Johnson-Green vs Republican Mike Collins


GA-11  Democrat Antonio Daza vs Incumbent Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk


GA-12  Democrat Liz Johnson vs Incumbent Republican Rep. Rick Allen


GA-13  Incumbent Democratic Rep David Scott vs Republican Caesar Gonzales


GA-14  Democrat Marcus Flowers vs Incumbent Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia Congressional Map 2022.jpg

The 2022 Election: Looking "Across the Ballot"
All 9 Georgia Statewide Races in 2022

Hopefully everyone has heard of Georgia's other big Democratic races of Senator Warnock running to hold his US Senate seat and Stacey Abrams running for Governor, but listed below are all nine Democratic candidates for statewide races. There are also state down-ballot Democratic candidates, like me, and other local races for school board and much more. This election cycle is so important and we encourage all eligible US citizens, 18 years old and up please register to vote by Oct 11th (the cutoff date in Georgia) and then show up to vote Democratic on or before election day on November 8th.


GA Midterm Election State Graphic.png
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